Info on many places relating to Western Ghats is available on the Internet, but how to decide which among them are truly worth travelling? Are the places shown in the snaps really present in that region? Does visiting these places leaves an everlasting memory and makes your heart crave to come back again?

If these are some of the questions that you are faced with (which proves that you are an avid nature lover) before deciding on an outing, then you have come to the right place. Escape2Ghats, as the word suggests believes in the true escape from a mechanical city life. We have extensively travelled to show the true beauty and splendour of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Each place depicted in this site is remote and unique in its own way. We have worked with the locals from the grass root level in exploring and identifying few of the most beautiful yet unpopular places in the Western Ghats.

Our motto is to provide comfortable stay, yummy malnad cuisine and take you as close as possible to the nature without harming the existing environment. Your safety and well being is our top priority and hence Trekking, Camping and other adventures activities are conducted by professionals along with the help of locals who are vastly experienced in these fields.

Western Ghats

The Western Ghats also known as the Sahyadri Mountains is a mountain range along the western side of India. It runs north to south along the western edge of the Deccan Plateau, and separates the plateau from a narrow coastal plain along the Arabian Sea. These hills cover 160,000 km² and form the catchment area for a complex of river systems that drain almost 40% of India. The average elevation is around 1,200 meters (3,900 ft).The area is one of the world’s ten "Hottest biodiversity hotspots" and has over 5000 species of flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species and 179 amphibian species. At least 325 globally threatened species occur in the Western Ghats. Majority of the Western Ghats runs through Karnataka forming beautiful virgin destinations. One has to get into these deep jungles to know the truth as words cannot explain the beauty and splendour of these mighty Mountains.


Escape2Ghats is committed to promote eco-tourism in Western Ghats of Karnataka which helps in improving the local economy as well as provide an opportunity for the urban crowd to escape from the hustles and bustles of a hectic city life. Unique|Remote|Adventure Our vision can be summarised with these three words. We would like to offer you a unique holiday experience in a remote untouched location where you can do adventurous activities with at most safety.


We are a group of people from various backgrounds who have come together to portray the true beauty of Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is a true amalgamation of Working professionals, estate owners and local expertise who know the nuke and corner of these remote places.


“A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” You will find that the above quote is true to every letter when you come to ‘Ghatikallu’. A dream home that has turned into reality. Nestled in the lap of Western Ghats ‘Ghatikallu’ offers everything that a nature lover would ask for – peaks, valley, rivers, falls, grasslands, thick jungle, coffee/tea estates and much more. Combine all these with our comfortable accommodation, yummy malnad cuisine and priceless guidance and hospitality.
                                                  You will be left craving for more….

Ghatikallu is spread over 100 acres of coffee, pepper and cardamom estate with a stream cutting right through, only to add to its beauty. The Home Stay derives its name from the most beautiful spot on the Balalrayanadurga. ‘Ghatikallu’ is a (approx) 600 feet ‘one rock mountain’ with the most stunning view of the valley below.

  • River Crossing:

    Crossing a river with the help of ropes is prescribed adventurous. Two ropes are tied to strong trees on either end of a river and with the help of aiding and safety equipment one has to cross the river. To be suspended on a rope on top of a river in a remote location is an experience one cannot ignore. There is no need to worry about any aspects as all safety gears and precautions are ensured by us.


    This is an adventurous activity where one has to climb up a fixed rope using jumar clamps. A rope is tied to a strong tree trunk 30-35 feet above and it is fun and adventurous to ascend this height with a proper technique. Once the participant reaches the height, he can experience a free fall (to stop few feet above the ground) or come down with a similar technique. There is no need to worry about any aspects as all safety gears and precautions are ensured by us.

    Bull Ring:

    Bullring is a fun team building activity which allows team members to develop their communication skills, cooperation, and adaptability. Moving a ball from one spot to another using a ring and some rope is the object of Bull Ring. The challenge is to carry a small ball using a metal ring and twine through a series of obstacles and place the ball onto a goal.

    Raft Building:

    Teams will be given bamboo sticks, tubes and other things to build their own rafts and row in the river for a particular distance. The challenge is to quickly and effectively build a raft and reach your goal.

    Mission Impossible:

    One person is suspended on a rope and assisted by his team members, will have to collect few things from the ground and accumulate into a designated area.

    Many more small and fun filled team building activities will be covered in this package.

    Cost – Rs.400/person

  • Kemmannugundi:

    ‘Kemmannugundi’ is a beautiful hill station in Tarikere Taluk of Chikmagalur district. At 1434m above sea level, Kemmanugundi offers numerous trekking trails. This was the summer retreat of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and as a mark of respect to the king, it is also known as Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station. The station is ringed by the BabaBudanGiri Range, with cascades, mountain streams, and lush vegetation, Kemmangundi’s has ornamental gardens and mountains and valleys views. There is a spectacular sunset view from the Raj Bhavan. Kemmanugundi offers many hillocks to scale and intricate jungle paths to explore.

    From Bangalore: 275 kms
    From Nearest Town: Tarikere (30kms)
    From Nearest Petrol Bunk: Tarikere
    Nearest Medical Help: Kemmannugundi
    Nearest Hotel: Kemmannugundi


    Kudremukha is a mountain range in Chikmagalur district, in Karnataka, India. It is also the name of a small hill station town situated near the mountain, about 48 kilometers from Karkala and about 20 kilometers from Kalasa. The name Kudremukha (as it is known by the natives) literally means 'horse-face' (in the local language Kannada) and refers to a particular picturesque view of a side of the mountain that resembles the same. It was also referred to as 'Samseparvata', historically since it was approached from Samse village. The Shola Grasslands are very unique and very rarely found anywhere else in the globe. Kudremukha with its altitude varying from 100 m – 1892 m (Peak) is noted for its scenic beauty. Owing to the dense forests, sighting wildlife can be challenging, though the area is rich in wildlife.

    From Bangalore: 350 kms
    From Nearest Town: Kudremukha (10 kms)
    From Nearest Petrol Bunk: Kalasa (20kms)
    Nearest Medical Help: Kudremukha
    Nearest Hotel: Kudremukha


    Someshwara Reserve Forest is located in the Western Ghats in Udupi district. Someshwara was declared a wildlife sanctuary on 5th June 1974. The area of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary is about 88.4 sq. km. Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary has semi-evergreen and evergreen forests. The sanctuary includes of two unconnected parts, the smaller part being situated to the Southwest of the major part. The Kudremukh National Park lies to the Southeast of this sanctuary. Koodlu Theertha, an enchanting waterfall is situated in the Agumbe ranges of the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. River Sita cascading from a height of 200 feet is worth seeing after a moderate hike.

    From Bangalore: 380 kms
    From Nearest Town: Hebri (10 kms)
    From Nearest Petrol Bunk: Hebri
    Nearest Medical Help: Hebri
    Nearest Hotel: Hebri


    Tadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg at 5,724 ft about 1748m above sea level. It poses an exciting challenge to seasoned trekkers. This is the second highest in Karnataka, located in The Western Ghats. The peak is located in the south-eastern part of Coorg and is 8 km from the town of Kakkabe which is 35 km from Madikeri. Two-thirds of it can be covered on a jeep. The topmost position is rather difficult to ascent. But if one preserves and climbs to the top, their exertions are amply rewarded and there from the giddy top of the peak they can look all around towards west and east and feast their eyes on the majestic grandeurs of the slopes. The Clouds and mist in the early morning in Tadiyandamol is a pleasant for the eyes.

    From Bangalore: 270 kms
    From Nearest Town: Virajpet (30 kms)
    From Nearest Petrol Bunk: Napoklu (20kms)
    Nearest Medical Help: Kakkabbe (20 kms)
    Nearest Hotel: Kakkabbe (20 kms)

General Info to remember:

  • Please come with an urge to enjoy nature.
  • Listen to the instructions provided by the trek leaders and coordinators.
  • Kindly understand that rain; fog cover and other natural things are not under our control.
  • As we are in a remote place, we are strictly advised by the local forest authorities not to play loud music. We however encourage you to play light music from your mobile phones or even better if you can sing as a group.
  • With rain you will find some leeches. There is absolutely no reason to panic. A leech bite does not pain nor will it cause any allergies or septic. If they are found in abundance we will take adequate measures (by applying homemade medicines) for your safety.
  • Our dream is to free Western Ghats from Plastics. We request you to help us in this mission by not throwing any plastics, papers, bottles etc. and also by picking and gathering them at one spot for adequate disposal.
  • Nature has its own music and sounds. We recommend you to remain silent (at least not screaming) while trekking and enjoy this music.
  • Do not carry valuable things during your trip unless they are really necessary.
  • We do have basic medicines and first aid kit with us. Please ask for the same when required.
  • The main source of water in the Ghats is the rivers and streams that dot the region. During rainy season water becomes a little murky because of the fertile silt that is carried by the flowing water. We request you to adjust with this fact as there is not much that we can do about this. In ayurveda, such water is used to cure many skin diseases as it is rich in minerals.
  • We provide filtered drinking water (both hot and cold). Please let us know in advance if you require Packaged Mineral water for consumption.
  • We have made necessary arrangements for power supply; however there might be power cuts sometimes due to uncontrollable situations.

Food and other eatables:

  • Traditional Malnad style unlimited buffet is served for all meals. Both veg and non-veg delicacies are provided for lunch and dinner.
  • Coffee/Tea/Milk is served twice a day.
  • If you require anything apart from the normal meals, please inform us 4 hours prior to the time, as we will have to travel at least 10 kms to arrange for the same.
  • There are no restrictions on consumption of liquor and other beverages as long as things are under control and no damage is caused to the property and people. We believe that every team that come to our place will understand and respect other team’s privacy.

Things to Carry:

  • Light clothes (that can dry up quickly), warm clothes, rain coats, sun glasses, hats and umbrellas.
  • If you are coming in a rainy season then we would recommend you to come with strap sandals that are tough enough for trekking and other adventurous activities.
  • Cameras to capture the true memories.
  • Any routine medicine.
  • The route maps/guides and the contact details.
  • Polythene bags to carry wet clothes (but please don’t litter).
  • BSNL is the most reliable network in the Western Ghats. Kindly carry a SIM if available.

Associate with us:

  • We are not travel agents who work for a commission.
  • We don’t advertise any home stay or resort in this website unless we explore the places around personally.
  • Our Motto is to provide basic food and accommodation to the guests and take them as close as possible to the nature without altering the natural environment.
  • If you are an owner of a property which is situated amidst a beautiful location of Western Ghats and are passionate of showing it to others then do get in touch with us.

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